Burden of a Basilisk


“It’s a girl”

The doctor proclaimed

My mothers face glowed

But the others looked disappointed.

A few days later

They put the ceremonious snake around my neck

It was to teach me the ways of the world

To guide me through life

Since I was a girl and didn’t know better.

I didn’t notice the snake till I was 3

You decided to take your anger out on me

The snake, an avatar of you,

Decided to help

It tightening around my neck,

While you put the bolt on the bathroom door.

For the first time, I knew what scared meant.

The snake now had a purpose

Growing like a basilisk and

Constricting me till I conform.

Every time I wore a skirt, shorts, or showed a little skin in public

It tightened just enough to make me panic

Just enough to make me change

Every time I saw a…

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